Privacy promise

We take your privacy very seriously. Otherwise, how could you trust us?

  1. In the course of operation, the internet technology we use, stores some personal information about you.
    • As every other web site, we store the address and some other characteristics of the computer that you use. We use them only to analyse statistics, and remove them once they are not needed. In general, they are kept for no longer than three months.
    • If you contact us, we store your email and the correspondence with you for as long as the case is open. We delete all your mails afterwards, so if you contact us again after some time we may no longer remember who you are. In general, the case is considered closed if there is no communication for two weeks, or if the last communication clearly closed the case.
    • If you post a comment, we will retain your e-mail, but we will not publish it. If we remove all your comments, we will also delete your e-mail address.
  2. If you contact us with a question:
    • we will not contact you, unless you specifically asked us to do it or if your mail needs a clarification.
    • we will not publish your question and our answer, even in anonymised form, without your permission. When you send us a question, you will be asked whether you agree to use this question on the site.
  3. All comments are moderated. If you post a comment:
    • we will retain your e-mail, but we will not publish it; your comment will be signed with the name you have chosen
    • you can always ask us to remove your comment; if we remove all your comments, we will also delete your e-mail address.
  4. We do not use your address for advertising of any kind. We do not share, sell, rent or give your addresses to anyone. We do not have affiliates, and are not the subsidiary of anyone. If we decide to terminate this site, we will delete all the information we have collected.
  5. We do not use cookies throughout the site. We do not create our own cookies, do not embed third party cookies or any other tracing mechanisms.
  6. We may provide some links that we believe are interesting, including links to sponsored or advertised content. At the time we insert those links, we check that they are harmless, but we are not responsible for changes that could have happened later to content of other sites.
  7. We may eventually subscribe to on-site advertising services, provided that they will follow our privacy promise. We have not yet found a service that does.
  8. If you notice that we may be violating one of our privacy promises, please let us know by sending an e-mail to
    . We will try to rectify the situation immediately.
  9. We may change this privacy promises from time to time. Changes will never be applied retroactively, to information that has been already collected.

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