Why working with us

Risk management is the foundation of corporate decision-making. But sometimes it feels as if it is missing the point, preventing business opportunities while not seeing fundamental problems. It is because risk alone is not enough: we need to be able to discuss trust.

Here’s where we can help you. We understand risk and trust as well as the digital technology. We converted years of research in trust, trustworthiness and systems into a methodology of Trust-Enhanced Risk Management and into a set of tools that the company can use to improve its decision-making process.

We understand that trust, while commercially beneficial, is not always the only and not always the best solution. That’s why TERM is an enhancement to risk management, not a replacement to it. We believe that companies should not abandon their existing processes and technologies to benefit from trust. The evolutionary approach of TERM is much more appropriate.

We specialise in designing and implementing Trust-Enhanced Risk Management. We are open to different forms of engagement. We can build awareness, and deploy some of the tools, but we can also intervene. We run workshops that combine general understanding of trust with a focus on selected tools. We also diagnose, design and deploy systems that supports trust and trustworthiness.