This site is about Trust-Enhanced Risk Management (TERM), the backward-compatible methodology that makes risk management more relevant to business processes. TERM is specifically recommended for smart systems, managed services and complex socio-technical products.

TERM is what companies should to to benefit from trust without falling for the hype that ‘trust is the best for everything’. and without rejecting trust as being incompatible with risk. Trust is not always the best choice, but it often can create business value. Trust complements risk and allows for a better decision-making.

This site is also a repository for the older, more personal (and now gradually defunct) site “howcanitrust.com”. It was a site that dealt with everyday questions about trust – a kind of a personal trust governance. It took any popular situation, person or object and ask the question whether you should trust, how you should trust or if you can improve on your trust with regard to this situation. Original posts are stored for posterity, but new ones will exclusively touch upon the area of TERM. Their titles are marked with a (*), and they are all in the category of ‘how can I trust’.

We are recognised experts on trust and constructs related to trust, specifically when it comes to risk and modern technologies. If you want to see our books, papers or patents please visit this site.

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