Trust-Enhanced Risk Management (TERM) is a framework that allows companies to capitalise on trust in a structured way, by complementing risk management. For that purpose, TERM developed several tools that can be deployed depending on needs. The basic toolset of TERM consists of the following five tools:

Trust Compass
Investigative tool to identify areas where trust can make a difference to business and to provide a spot measurement of the level of trust. It can determine whether there is a difference between the actual level of trust, the declared one, and the one desired by the company.

TERM analytics
Analytical decision support tool to systematically describe the situation at hand in terms of trust and control; backward-compatible extension to the existing risk management process.

Quantitative tool that supports the rapid assessment of trustworthiness of a business partner. It also allows companies to reflect on their ways to assess trustworthiness.

Trust Journey
Intervention tool that allows companies to engage in the structured process to attune the level of trust to the needs of the situation at hand, in conjunction with security and control. This tool is particularly beneficial for relationships maintained through technology

Trust Maturity Model
Reference tool that lets companies determine how mature is their approach to trust, and how mature they want it to be. Depending on the actual and the desired levels of maturity, TERM may apply one or more of other tools from the list above.

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