So unexpected

Support for trust comes from unexpected places. Recently NSA Director, General Keith Alexander stated clearly: “At the end of the day it’s about people and trust”.

I would not expect him to admit that much, but yes: we have it black on white: trust. You can control yourself and others into attrition but only trust allows people do some work. Such as managing large information systems full of governmental secrets.

I have a feeling that he will not exactly follow TERM and he will not adopt Trust Journey. I have a feeling that after this brief contemplation of trust he will return to his control-loaded management style.

I kind of understand him. Control and risk are well established, time-honoured methods. Nobody was fired by doing risk management or by installing more controls. Many were fired by relying on trust.

I just wish that he has courage to start a change that will bring more trust into the way NSA operates. Not the face-lifting, not the PR exercise, but actual trust in actual operation. That would be beneficial for them. That would be also beneficial for all of us.

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