Eat that horse

The problem with hamburgers containing traces of horse meat is ballooning out of proportions. For those of you who never heard of it (which is likely the 99.99% of the world population), traces of horse meat has been found in hamburgers retailed in some of the supermarkets here.

For some reason eating horse meat here is a taboo, and media immediately blamed unknown barbarians from Eastern Europe who just dream of killing their horses and sneak their meat to the UK. It turned out that it was a food additive from Spain or Netherlands, making this event much less newsworthy. Not to mention that horse meat is not the worst think you can find in hamburgers.

Still, as the supply chain becomes more and more complicated, the risk of such (or worse) events tend to accumulate. Contracts and stringent control do their part, but it is true that suppliers should be probably more sensitive to foibles of their customers. If they know them, of course.

Supply chain risk is a bit of an old hat, but it is the depth of a problem that requires better tools. Not incidentally, Trust Governance has just a right one in its arsenal: TraCoDA. It turns out that asking right questions about trust is a good method to predict risk.

So, if you become responsible for the unknown and convoluted supply chain, think of Trust Governance. Simple and elegant it may help you stay on top of it. So you do not have to eat that horse.

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