Life in a post-trust world

I have said some bad words about companies and their inability to develop and maintain trust. It would be unfair to say that the future must be always and inevitably grim and bleak in the post-trust world. There is always a better way. Not the easy one, but it is here for those who are not afraid, or for those who have nothing to loose.

Some more enlightened companies have already realised that they have to do something about trust, and are trying to find their way out. After all, without trust their business will eventually fail, and they know that much. Those who look ahead, should have seen the problem for quite a time. For those who want to, the Trust Journey shows the way.

The problem is that the recession made things even worse. It made companies panic, downsize, restructure and move at the speed. All those changes require trust as they consume a lot of it. However, for may companies there was not much trust to start with, as pre-recession aggressive business practices already made their damage.

You can make a difference, but do not jump on trusting everybody immediately. That’s the wrong way. Instead, assess the status of your relationship and embark on developing a healthy relationship of trust.

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