Business benefits of trust

Just spotted a quote from the UK Government MacLeod Review, Engaging for Success, 2009, as reported by “Great Workplaces”.

“Trust is a crucial precursor to positive employee engagement. Organisations that understand the importance of employee engagement have been shown to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 16% greater profit margin
  • 19% greater operating income
  • 18% greater productivity
  • 2.6 times Earnings Per Share
  • 12% greater customer loyalty
  • 50% fewer sick days
  • 87% less likely to leave the organisation”

I may be sceptical about some of those numbers, but the overall impression is correct: there is a business value in trust.

My main interest is in applying Trust Governance to relationships mediated through technology, but I have also an experience in applying Trust Governance to employee engagement, or customer engagement – and it works quite well as well. Specifically that these days almost everything is somehow mediated through technology. Including this blog.

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