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The lesser evil of trust

What if you have two bad choices and you have to choose one? You go for a lesser evil – the one that relatively looks better because it hurts less. What if you have no-one to trust and you have … Continue reading

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A marriage of convenience

Smart city is a woman. Apparently smart grid is a man. These are some of my takeaways from the Smart Grid Smart Cities conference that I chaired in Nice (France). Joking aside, there is is grain of truth in this … Continue reading

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Trust and be damned

Do not trust and be damned as well. Have it either way. I am leaving Heidelberg after Troopers13 – a week packed with an intensive exposure to all the novelties of information security, casually called ‘hacking’. My takeaway is simple: … Continue reading

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Trustworthy city

Imagine an infrastructure so complicated that you do not know where to start to analyse it. Now imagine that you overlay this infrastructure with another one, even more complicated. Now imagine that the livelihood and the life of 80% of … Continue reading

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Trustworthy computing, then

When Microsoft published its position paper on trustworthy computing in 2002, they builds their proposition on four pillars: Security Privacy Reliability Business Practices Of those, the world of software developers jumped on the first three. Improving security, privacy and reliability … Continue reading

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