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Dynamic service assembly

Recently I looked at different SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) implementations. For those who are not in the know, SOA is supposed to revolutionize the way we build software services by delivering ready-made building blocks that we can assembly and reassembly … Continue reading

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March Troopers

Every March brings new Troopers, and this one is no different. This year Troopers 13 are dawning upon us. It of course helps that I will run a workshop there about Trust Governance. I will present Trust-O-Meter and Trust Journey. … Continue reading

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The illusion of ephemeral data

Bloomberg Businessweek discovered the market for ephemeral data – data that will disappear after set time. Apparently that’s what people want and that’s what people get from the likes of Snapchat, or even from the Facebook itself. Now, here’s … Continue reading

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Life in a post-trust world

I have said some bad words about companies and their inability to develop and maintain trust. It would be unfair to say that the future must be always and inevitably grim and bleak in the post-trust world. There is always … Continue reading

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CDOs for horses

What is the similarity between hose meat and Collateral Debt Obligations (CDOs)? They both can destroy your business only because you blindly trusted your suppliers. Careless handling of unverified CDOs ignited the sub-prime mortgage crisis. As for the horse meat… … Continue reading

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