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Please use my back doors

Backdoors used to be for tradesmen and a charlady. Now they are apparently a fixture of a modern appliances, popular with attackers. This backdoor vulnerability (or simply stupidity) in Barracuda security appliances makes us re-think trust that we have to … Continue reading

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Breach of trust

I wrote recently about the problem with hamburgers tainted with horse meat. It seems that the story has run to its logical conclusion. Tesco has severed its ties with its hamburger supplier. The cited reason: ‘breach of trust’. Note: it … Continue reading

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Trust Governance and Trustworthy Information Systems

For the time being, this blog will host entries that relate to Trust Governance ( and those that relate to Trustworthy Information Systems ( This is because they both touch upon very similar problems.

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Eat that horse

The problem with hamburgers containing traces of horse meat is ballooning out of proportions. For those of you who never heard of it (which is likely the 99.99% of the world population), traces of horse meat has been found in … Continue reading

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How very dependent are you?

That’s a lovely story. Developer of a security software for the national infrastructure (US) outsourced his job to China. Without his bosses knowing. How? He just FedEx-ed his two-factor authentication token, thus allowing world+dog access to the top secret code. … Continue reading

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