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Trust Matters

Check my new guest entry in BT’s blog ‘Trust Matters’

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Trust your poison

The Register reports that search poisoning is increasing (and that Bing is worse than Google in protecting us from it). For those of us who are not current with the intricate slang of security professionals, search engine poisoning attacks manipulate, … Continue reading

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Measuring trust

This is a recurring problem: we have to measure something to make use of it. It is kind of our collective mental straitjacket: we see the world through numbers. Actually it comes all the way from Lord Kelvin’s “If you … Continue reading

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Breaking the bank

Actually, breaking several banks by limiting the maximum size of any single bank. That’s the proposition of Fed governor, Daniel Tarullo. He is a very high level official, so that his words bear some weight. A lot of it. There … Continue reading

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Socio-technical trustworthiness

Technology lends itself to a rather glamorous image – at least when it works. There is nothing better than a shiny new gadget, as every gadget-selling ‘technology’ magazine gladly admits. That’s possibly why we always fall into the trap of … Continue reading

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