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Trust and money

Money, of course, do not exist. The are the product of our collaborative imagination and collective trust. We believe in them because we trust others to believe in them as well. If we stop believing, they will cease to exist. … Continue reading

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The intriguing case of O’Reilly

I have just bought (yet another) e-book from O’Reilly. This itself is not a great surprise. O’Reilly has been producing quality reference books for as long as I care to remember, while e-books are becoming mainstream. What is interesting is … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things

If you do not know what the Internet of Things is, then you are in a good company. Anyway, it is The Next Big Thing: with the ubiquitous machine to machine communication, the world will become full of sensors and … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

Day-Con 2012 was a hit and it will take me some time to fully reflect on last week events. Right now I live an information overload. Which is a kind of pleasant, even though rather taxing. Where to start? Workshops … Continue reading

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The breaking point

Recently I had an interesting, albeit a chilling discussion. We discussed the concentration of risk caused by technology, and the fact that the Internet of Things will make decision-making autonomous and automatic, with no human intervention, and with no operators … Continue reading

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