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G4S and (un)trusted computers

By the time you read it, the Olympics 2012 will be over (and we will be allowed again to actually say ‘Olympics 2012′ without being harassed by the brand police). Hopefully there were no security incidents, despite G4S inability to … Continue reading

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Cultures of trust

Fukuyama’s book “Trust: The Social Virtues and The Creation of Prosperity” popularised the link between culture and trust. In fact, he suggests that there are countries of a ‘high trust’ culture and those of the ‘low trust’ one, and that … Continue reading

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Insurance is a time-honoured method to transfer risk, something right out from the basic toolbox of every risk manager. However, insurance is also doing something else: it is introducing trust into the risk management. How’s that? Insurance is essentially a … Continue reading

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Trust, but verify

Trust may seem to be attractive as a long-term investment. Cost savings. Profit grows. People are happy. The company is smoothly humming forward. But.. it does not mean that you have to replace all your control with trust. It is … Continue reading

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Measuring trust

Trust cannot be measured. Risk cannot be measured as well, but it has not prevented us from creating some ways of ‘measuring’ risk. We can apply exactly the same thinking to measuring trust. If you complain that this is not … Continue reading

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