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Deal is always greener at the other side of the fence

I attended a breakfast briefing regarding the Green Deal . Breakfast was not particularly great, but the Deal itself is interesting, even if only from the perspective of Trust Governance. The proposition boils down to the fact that the government … Continue reading

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Shalowness and heterogenity

This particular post is somehow a continuation of a discussion of the ‘flat Earth’ approach to risk management, commented by Bryan who provided me with a link to an interesting talk by Daniel E. Geer, Jr. Just to let you … Continue reading

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Managed systems

There used to be time when you used to buy things. No strings, no contract, no subscription. A computer was just a bit of a hardware. A software was just a floppy disk with some code. A car was here … Continue reading

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Trusted Services

EU is promoting trusted services as a way to improve the economy. The reasoning is sound: there is too much of a friction in digital economy if there is no trust. So, if we inject some trust then the economy … Continue reading

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The world is flat

Do not panick. Nothing has changed. Our physical world is not flat. But the world of risk management is flat. That’s because we are taught to see only the outer shell of the reality. What we do not see is … Continue reading

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