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Toolset of Trust Governance

Every good methodology (and several poor ones) have a set of tools that it can apply to the situation at hand. Trust Governance is no different. It developed five tools which can help companies benefit from trust. TraCoDA (Trust and … Continue reading

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More than a month ago I visited the City University London to participate in the opening of their new department: Centre for Cyber Security Sciences . Barring the marginally funny acronym (CCySS – just you try to pronounce it), it … Continue reading

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Risk and danger

Did you ever wonder where is the line between risk management and disaster recovery? Why they are separated into different chapters of your information security manual? Why we cannot easily extend the practice of risk management to cover hurricanes, earthquakes … Continue reading

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RBS and limits of redress

RBS promised to redress all the losses caused by the meltdown of their system. How noble of them. Or possibly how calculative. Whatever. The real question is: what are the limits of such a redress. The prolonged failure of their … Continue reading

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What is trust governance good for?

Trust governance does not solve all the corporate ills. I do not think that there is anything that can solve it. Trust governance works best when applied to three scenarios: 1. Protect investment in a technology or business Every technology … Continue reading

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