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(*) How can I trust .. when I prefer controlling people?

Security professional, I guess? Control always works very well in a short run, and always fails in the long run. Trust seems silly in a short run and is beneficial in a long run. Accept that both are needed and … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. for the greater benefit of the society?

What? Were you told that without your trust the society will fall apart? Were you told that you must trust no matter what? That trust is a virtue? Do not go for it. Just don’t. Trust is not something that … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. my teenage son?

Trust him just a little bit more than he deserves. It may not be always easy, but it is the only way to make him trustworthy. Have it just right and you end up with someone who is a pride … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. tax office?

The problem is that you have to trust them, but you should not. For them, you are only a position in their books, not a person. They do not trust and are unable to reciprocate trust. Plus, they are totally … Continue reading

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