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(*) How can I trust .. at the time of downsizing?

In companies trust is scarce, but it seems that during downsizing even a thin paint of trust wears quickly off. Every company goes through ups and downs and has sometimes decrease the number of people working for it, but downsizing … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. a friend of a friend?

Oh.. a friend of a friend. Very fashionable. Very unreliable if you do not know what you do. A lot of  social networks is built on this idea, but in the real life being a friend of a friend is … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. this incredible e-mail?

Stop. Now. Breath deeply. You did not win a lottery. Exiled crowned prince does not need your help. Your bank is not checking your PIN code. This is not what it seems and you have to adjust to this strange … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. when I’d rather distrust?

What is wrong with distrusting from time to time? Do you feel guilty of not trusting? It is not so simple. Distrust is destructive, but you sometimes need destruction. Distrust is powerful, but it has its use. Should you consider … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. while smiling to everybody?

Are you one of those who smile to strangers? Stop by and have a small chat? That’s nice. That is not silly, no matter what people say. You engage in the simplest and most basic form of a virtuous loop … Continue reading

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