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There is no vulnerability

Yes. There are no vulnerabilities in the code. There are only features. Vulnerability is a discrepancy between what the code does and what the code is expected to do. It is a specific discrepancy, one that allows you to own … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own Devices

Should you be allowed to use your phone or your computer to do work? Should you be forced to just like this? Should you allow the corporation that employ you to delete information from your computer when it sees fit? … Continue reading

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Risky race to the bottom

In his blog Bryan Fite wrote something very interesting. Suppliers of various digital services face competition with providers of ‘free’ service and the first victim is information security. All that because the risk analysis went ballistic. It seems that information … Continue reading

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Quoting the quote

“Businesses and users are going to use technology only if they can trust it.” That’s not me. That’s Satya Nadella, Microsoft Executive Vice President. Strangely, he is almost right. Almost, because businesses are not looking at an abstract trustworthiness. They … Continue reading

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Glue for trust

I was just browsing a booklet from Eyehub: “Driving Secure Internet of Things Innovation”. Quite a mouthful of a title, but here it is: bonding electronics to actual physical objects is a key to ensure trust. Glue. Glue is a … Continue reading

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