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Risky race to the bottom

In his blog Bryan Fite wrote something very interesting. Suppliers of various digital services face competition with providers of ‘free’ service and the first victim is information security. All that because the risk analysis went ballistic. It seems that information … Continue reading

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Do not kill the messenger

Hackers, as we all know, are the bane of the Earth. They should be sent to the gallows. Even better: they should be stacking shelves in supermarkets. Or flip hamburgers. The popular press conveniently uses the all-encompassing the name ‘hackers’ … Continue reading

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The inversion of reachability

‘The inversion of..’ is a popular phrase, specifically among software developers. If you are not the one slavishly bound to your workstations, you probably never heard of the ‘inversion of control’, the new fashion in software. I hope that the … Continue reading

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Dark Comet

I hope you’ve never met Dark Comet live. It is essentially a trojan spyware that allows remote attacker to take over your computer. Horrible stuff. That’s however is not that interesting, as there is a lot of horrible stuff around … Continue reading

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Respond with trust

I am on the fraud-fighting meeting and the clear message emerges: if you are a company, you will be owned and your data will be stolen – it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’. Which means that incident response should be … Continue reading

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