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Risky race to the bottom

In his blog Bryan Fite wrote something very interesting. Suppliers of various digital services face competition with providers of ‘free’ service and the first victim is information security. All that because the risk analysis went ballistic. It seems that information … Continue reading

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The map of Dayton

Did you ever look at permissions you grant your applications? I guess you did not. Nobody did. Still, it is worth a second of your time. I tried to install an off-line map of Dayton (Ohio) onto my Android phone. … Continue reading

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Every year I make the trip to the city of Heidelberg to deliver my insight in trust to the hardest public possible: security experts. These are the people who are made to believe that trust is a weakness, a crack … Continue reading

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Digital by default

Digital by default is one of several initiatives that emerge around the world to deliver services mostly through the Internet. This particular one is about the UK delivering government services, but the USA or Estonia (or any other developed country) … Continue reading

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The breaking point

Recently I had an interesting, albeit a chilling discussion. We discussed the concentration of risk caused by technology, and the fact that the Internet of Things will make decision-making autonomous and automatic, with no human intervention, and with no operators … Continue reading

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