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Troopers Trust Survey results

Troopers14 Trust Survey results are here. I’ve run the survey using Trust-O-Meter methodology throughout the conference. I received a fair amount of responses (as well as some attempts on ballot stuffing and plain hacking, as expected). This survey is just … Continue reading

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Below the ground, reading

I am in London tube. The used-to-be last-century technology marvel now mostly overcrowded and over-heated. Specifically during this summer that does not want to end. Anyway, I am reading a book. “The New Few: A Very British Oligarchy” by Ferdinand … Continue reading

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SEC calls for public Drucker multipliers

I wrote a couple of times about Drucker multiplier, the pay ratio between the average worker and the CEO. The requirement to go public with those figures has been proposed in 2010 Dodd-Frank law, but the implementation has been somehow … Continue reading

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Oh Android!

We do the project for the Android platform, so that I am currently nursing one of those overgrown devices through their identity crisis. Apparently it is not certain what it is: a phone, a tablet, a media player, or possibly … Continue reading

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Silver crime

Bloomberg (July, 22, 2013) brings another snippet of things to come: petty crime among Japanese pensioners is on the rise. Think of it: Japanese pensioners are not widely known for their disorderly behaviour or for disregard to social rules. So, … Continue reading

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