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Vote, like

The season of silly decisions is again upon us. The government is trying to look busy and modern. As usual, it gets it wrong. This time they came up with the idea to use Facebook and other large social networks … Continue reading

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So unexpected

Support for trust comes from unexpected places. Recently NSA Director, General Keith Alexander stated clearly: “At the end of the day it’s about people and trust”. I would not expect him to admit that much, but yes: we have it … Continue reading

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Snowden’s avalanche

It seems that ‘revelations’ about government electronically spying on people and on other governments are piling up. These are not really revelations – they were as predictable as snow in the winter in Finland. We can now safely assume that … Continue reading

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Trust and EU

The European Union is in trouble. But this is not the financial one (that is still troubling us), this is a trouble caused by the lack of trust. What we know is that trust disappears from the EU at a … Continue reading

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CESG new classification policy

I went to the InfoSecurity Europe , a yearly gathering of noisy information security vendors, restless wannabe security managers and youngsters collecting shiny gadgets. There was a usual clatter of companies that promise to improve trust, to eliminate the need … Continue reading

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