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Aren’t we optimistic?

It will take five to 10 years to rebuild public trust in banks. That’s not my assessment. This is what Antony Jenkins, the Group Chief Executive of Barclays said recently . Well, he knows a thing or two, as the … Continue reading

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It is so predictable that it is almost boring. Bloomberg Businessweek June 17, 2013: FX market has been regularly rigged. Dealers collude to manipulate rates for the disadvantage of customers. For those of you who have no idea what the … Continue reading

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Nasdaq meltdown

From today’s Guardian: “A series of system crashes affecting Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft in the past fortnight has brought warnings that governments, banks and big business are over-reliant on computer networks that have become too complex.” … and then … Continue reading

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The soft underbelly of finances

I went out of my comfort zone and had “Brussels for Breakfast”. It tasted good. It was, of course, a meting in the City (with sandwiches and pastry, to be honest), organised by CSFI and devoted to intricacies of financial … Continue reading

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The lesser evil of trust

What if you have two bad choices and you have to choose one? You go for a lesser evil – the one that relatively looks better because it hurts less. What if you have no-one to trust and you have … Continue reading

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