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How not to fire admins?

What is the worst way of firing people (sorry, letting them go)? It is when they learn about it from the national news, not from their own managers. It is when their career hangs on uncertainly and there is nobody … Continue reading

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The lesser evil of trust

What if you have two bad choices and you have to choose one? You go for a lesser evil – the one that relatively looks better because it hurts less. What if you have no-one to trust and you have … Continue reading

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A marriage of convenience

Smart city is a woman. Apparently smart grid is a man. These are some of my takeaways from the Smart Grid Smart Cities conference that I chaired in Nice (France). Joking aside, there is is grain of truth in this … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. when I’d rather distrust?

What is wrong with distrusting from time to time? Do you feel guilty of not trusting? It is not so simple. Distrust is destructive, but you sometimes need destruction. Distrust is powerful, but it has its use. Should you consider … Continue reading

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(*) How can I trust .. and end up in distrust?

Easily, I am afraid. Distrust is an attractive sliding scale, a vicious circle of mutual hostility that starts with trust. Doubt leads to suspicion, suspicion leads to provocation, provocation leads to misinterpretation – and this proves suspicion, even if this … Continue reading

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