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Troopers Trust Survey results

Troopers14 Trust Survey results are here. I’ve run the survey using Trust-O-Meter methodology throughout the conference. I received a fair amount of responses (as well as some attempts on ballot stuffing and plain hacking, as expected). This survey is just … Continue reading

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There is no vulnerability

Yes. There are no vulnerabilities in the code. There are only features. Vulnerability is a discrepancy between what the code does and what the code is expected to do. It is a specific discrepancy, one that allows you to own … Continue reading

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That’s a really welcome news: TrustyCon – the one-day conference about trust and information technology. Shame is so far from where I live.

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Trust-O-Meter and used cars

My guest blog entry on buying used cars with the help from Trust-O-Meter went online

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Trust-O-Meter is out

Finally. The world is holding its breath. Trust-O-Meter, version 1.0 is out in Google PlayStore. Congratulations, myself.

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